Melbourne fashion designer Tommika Valente, has teamed up with friend, former colleague and manufacturing whizz, Angelo Evangelou, to co-found Anto Apparel Manufacturing. Established in May 2021, Anto Apparel, is a professional design and manufacturing studio based in Reservoir with over 30 years experience in manufacturing. The small family run business is offering bulk alterations, cutting, machining and finishing, specialising in workwear, menswear, womenswear and homewares. All designs are made ethically and responsibly in Melbourne with a focus on productivity and sustainability. Anto Apparel is especially passionate about supporting the local fashion and manufacturing industry, employing staff from in and around Melbourne, from fabric cutters to machinists and production managers. Feel good about your next collection knowing you are positively impacting our people, planet and Australian textile industry. 

As you know we try to be as sustainable as possible with our business practises. But even so there is still textile waste that does end up in landfill. BUT we have some great news! We have partnered with A Fitting Connection to help us reduce our footprint even further while educating students and the community about textile waste and how to be more purposeful. A Fitting Connection are fascinating behaviour change with their range of purposefully designed workshops and programs that engages our community and educates them on the epic textile waste problem and the importance of being more purposeful in their textile ownership and end-of-life disposal. Supporting social enterprises like A Fitting Connection means that together we will reduce the 6,000 tonnes of textiles is being sent to landfill every ten minutes in Australia. That’s approximately works out to be 31kgs per person every year.

Let’s get started, what do I need?
To begin producing in Melbourne with us you will need:
  1. Design
  2. Pattern
  3. Spec sheet
  4. Fabric and trims
  5. Production Order including;
     Your Name, Style names, Sizes, Qty, Colours. 

Please note we do not supply fabric however we can help you source raw materials.

I am a start up and don't have this yet what do I do? 
Tommika has over 10 years experience in pre production. Reach out today you customise a package to bring your vision to life. 
What’s your minimum order quantity?
100 units per design. This can be broken down in colours and sizes. 
How long will it take to produce my collection?
Samples - please allow 2 weeks 
Production - please allow 4 - 12 weeks 
Production times may vary depending on the season and qty you are producing. 
We provide a no obligation quote. To provide an accurate quote for production we will need understand a number of factors that will impact the quote. 
1. Spec Sheet 
2. Colour options 
3. Size range 
4. QTY of each
5. Any additional details 
6. Packaging for pick up